Math+Art Gallery: Learn, Appreciate, and Enjoy Math!

For the past few years we had the opportunity to bring special guests to our festival.

Two years ago our first guest was an inspiring 9 year old speaker from Santa Clara, the creator of the game Coder Bunnyz!

Last year ITSPHUN from Palo Alto brought in geometric shapes for our students to build amazing 3D creations… from polyhedra to snowmen!

This year our surprise guest came in the form of a wonderful Math+Art Gallery created by Sunnyvale Middle School students in the 8th Grade Geometry Enriched class. Three projects by teacher Lloyd Robinson (Pixel Puzzle, Constructions, and Triangles on Triangles) enriched our festival as well as they showcased the art and beauty of geometry!


Prime Climb & Puzzles

We finally added Prime Climb by math4love to our numeric operation activities. We did not use the cards for a simpler and faster game that worked for all grades, but added the puzzles:

1.How can you get two pawns from 0 to 101 in four rolls (that’s eight numbers) without any number appearing on a die more than once?
2.It’s possible to solve the last problem with the additional stipulation that three of your four rolls sum to the same number. Can you fnd out how?
3.On what number do you have the highest chance of being able to get to 101 on your next roll? (You don’t have to use both dice rolls when you reach 101, though of course you may.)
4.In the middle of a certain game, Mathilda and I were down to a single pawn each. Hers was on 24, and mine was on a certain unnamed number. I rolled a little too forcefully, and the dice went of the table on her side.
“Ha,” she said. “If you had been at 0, you could have hit me.” “Then I can hit you from where I am!” I said.
What number was I on?


Kriss-Kross Puzzles

Kriss-kross puzzles combine a love of words with a love of logic. Given a list of words of different lengths, you must fit them all in to the grid.

Solve these word puzzles as a way to develop logical thinking and pattern matching skills needed to enjoy both computing and maths, while practicing spelling.


Binary Mystery


Binary Shop

You have only one coin of each type.

How can you pay for each of the games in the Binary Shop?


Coder Bunnyz

Samaira was our first guest two years ago and her game, CoderBunnyz, is out and ready for the Math Day Trip! With many thanks to Samaira for getting it on time, here are the game rules:

Hour of Code

The Math Day Trip happens during the Hour of Code week this year! We added few new activities inspired by computer science concepts: Coder Bunnyz game, Binary Numbers, and Kris-Kross puzzles.