Family Games Night: Math Around the World!



Math Around the World Activities

The theme of the next fest is Math Around the World!
Here is the list of the activities, games, and puzzles selected:

Math Around the World Activities

  1. Magic Squares, Ancient China
  2. Sudoku Puzzles, USA
  3. Set Game, USA
  4. Matchstick Puzzles, Europe
  5. Mancala, Africa
  6. Nim, China
  7. Hex, Europe
  8. Sprouts, England
  9. Mastermind, Israel
  10. Tantrix, New Zealand
  11. Polyhedra, Ancient Greece
  12. Suspend Game, US
  13. Geometry Playground, Ancient Greece
  14. Tesselations, Ancient Rome
  15. Sam Lloyd Puzzles, USA
  16. Tangrams, China
  17. Dudeney Puzzles, UK
  18. Chessboard Puzzles, India
  19. River Crossing Puzzles, Medieval Europe
  20. Konigsberg Bridges & Networks, Europe & Africa

Stage Games

  1. Chinese Checkers, Germany
  2. Nine Men Morris, UK
  3. Pachisi, India
  4. Reversi, UK
  5. Robot Turtles Game
  6. Shut the Box, France
  7. Tower of Hanoi, France
  8. Wits & Wagers, US

Card & Dice Games

  1. What is your favorite card game? We have playing cards!
  2. Blink
  3. Qwitch
  4. 6 Nimmt!, Germany
  5. Spot It!, USA
  6. Liar’s Dice, South America

Mathematical Present Wrapping

Happy Mathematical Wrapping!


Math Around the World!

The theme of the next fest is Math Around the World!

Here is a first list of games, puzzles and other activities from around the world that we are looking at to include in the fest. We’d love to hear other ideas!

  1. Matchstick Puzzles
  2. The Moscow Puzzles, Russia
  3. Dominoes, Asia
  4. Magic Squares, China
  5. Tangrams, China
  6. Go, China
  7. Nim, China
  8. Chess, India
  9. Pachisi, India
  10. Snakes and Ladders, India
  11. Royal Game of Ur, Iraq
  12. Mastermind, Israel
  13. KenKen Puzzles, Japan

  14. Shongo Networks, Africa
  15. Mancala, Africa
  16. Senet, Egypt
  17. Checkers, Egypt
  18. Alquerque, Egypt

  19. Hex, Europe
  20. Nine Men Morris, Europe
  21. Peg Games, Europe
  22. Shut the Box, Europe
  23. Tic-Tac-Toe, Europe
  24. The Canterburry Puzzles, England
  25. Sprouts, England
  26. Mulinello Quadrupio, Italy
  27. Rubik, Hungary
  28. Soma Cubes, Denmark
  29. Tower of Hanoi, France

  30. The Stave Game, North America
  31. 15 Puzzle, USA
  32. Sam Lloyd Puzzles, USA
  33. Martin Gardner Puzzles, USA
  34. Sudoku Puzzles, USA
  35. Cross Sums / KaKuro Puzzles, USA
  36. Pentomino, USA
  37. Set Game, USA
  38. Spot It, USA

  39. Liar’s Dice, South America

  40. Mu Torere, New Zealand
  41. Tantrix, New Zealand


Math Advent Calendars 2016

NRICH project is based in both the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education and the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

The main NRICH website publishes free mathematics enrichment resources for pupils of all ages.

Here are twenty-four activities, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas. This year, the tasks focus on encouraging mathematical habits of mind: being curious, being thoughtful, being collaborative and being determined.



A Mathematician’s Perspective on the Divide

by Vi Hart

Poetry, Daisies and Cobras

Poetry, Daisies And Cobras: Math Class With Manjul Bhargava

Fields Medal winner, mathematician Manjul Bhargava, takes a special math class for Bengaluru school children. He explains the ‘mathemagical’ link between math and poetry, and even cobras and daisies! He also deals with how ancient Indian scholars explained mathematical concepts.