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Cross Sums

KAKURO is one of the oldest grid logic puzzles in existence traced back to the April/May 1950 issue of Official Crossword Puzzles by Dell Publishing Company in US. Initially titled Cross Sums or Cross Addition, the puzzle traveled to Japan where it became a great success. Here it changed its name to Kasan Kurosu – a combination of the Japanese word for “addition” and the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “cross.” In 1986 it changed the name again to the abbreviated KaKuro. The puzzle became a hit a around the world and its popularity in Japan is second only to Sudoku.
“Kakuro is Japan’s best-kept secret, a puzzle that millions prefer to Sudoku”
(The new grid on the block, Justin McCurry, The Guardian, Sep 14, 2005)


  1. Put numbers from 1 through 9 in each cell (No zeros).
  2. A number in a cell divided by a diagonal line tells the sum of the numbers in the consecutive cells to its right or downward.
  3. No number may appear more than once in consecutive cells.

Here is an example:

Printable Kakuro Puzzles by KrazyDad

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