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architecto_gameArchitecto Game by FoxMind

Players construct 3D models based on illustrations in perspective. From simple shapes to complex structures, players develop stronger notions of geometric concepts and 3D visualisation. While providing solid educational skills, it’s also captivating and exciting!

Architecto is part of the Architecto line, which consists of 4 exquisite games of spatial visualization. In these games, players progress at their own rhythm, as puzzles gradually become more challenging. All games include the same set of Geoblocks and a spiral book with 6 color-coded levels of difficulty.

blinkBlink – The World’s Fastest Card Game

Blink™ is the game of fast matching and sharp observation! Without taking turns, two players race one another to see who can match the shape, color, or count on their cards to either one of two discard piles. The first person to play all the cards from their draw pile wins!

Chocolate Fix BagChocolate Fix by ThinkFun

Sweet Logic Game of Deductive Reasoning

CodeMasterCode Master Programming Logic Game by ThinkFun

Playing Code Master won’t just teach you principles behind programming, you’ll also build planning, sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills.

DvonnDvonn by Khris Burm

DVONN is a stacking game.

itsphunITSPHUN 104-Piece Geometric Construction Kit

104-piece system of interlocking shapes that can be combined in endless ways to make wonderful and colorful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics.

itsphun-mini-puzzlesITSPHUN Mini Puzzles – Set of 10

Set of ten individually wrapped Mini Puzzles, each containing a picture and the necessary pieces to construct the illustrated object.

Lunar Landing by Thinkfun

Created by the inventors of Rush Hour, Lunar Landing is one of the greatest logic puzzles of all time.

Logic_linksLogic Links by Mindware

Each puzzle is comprised of a series of clues that instruct the player where to place colored chips and solve the puzzle.
Requires you to think sideways, backwards, right to left, and up and down.

Make7Make 7 by Pressman

Try to get your number tiles to add up to 7 in any direction to win!

mastermindMastermind Game — The Strategy Game of Codemaker vs. Codebreaker — Can You Crack the Code?

  • Classic game of logic an deduction
  • Fast, simple strategy game–one of the bestselling games of all time
  • More than 2,000 possible combinations make the game different every time it’s played

mastermind_kidsMastermind for Kids — Codebreaking Game Plays on Three Levels

Three levels of play makes this a game that kids can play for years and years

PrimeClimbPrime Climb by math4love

Roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board, picking up Prime cards and bumping your opponents back to start as you go. The first to land both pawns on 101 wins the game! 

QwitchQwitch – The Quick-Switch Card Game

QWITCH is the exciting game in which three to five players race to play cards in sequence.
But watch out! Letters and numbers can go up, down, or stay the same… and switch at any time.
Be the first player out of cards, and win!

reversiSPJ: Magnet Reversi Classic Table Games Compact Storage Othello (10*10*0.8in)

Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board.

RobotTurtlesRobot Turtles Game by ThinkFun

Robot Turtles is a board game you play with your favorite 3-8 year old kids.
It sneakily teaches the fundamentals of programming.

RushHourRush Hour | Shift Board Game by ThinkFun

In Rush Hour, a sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit.

SetSET: The Family Game of Visual Perception by SET Enterprises
SET Junior: Your very first SET game!
SET Mini Round Card Game
SET Dice Game

Race to find a SET of three cards where each feature is either all the same or all different on each card. With no turns and no luck, SET is challenging, fast and fun!

Shut_boxShut the Box Game – 12 Numbers

Roll the dice and try to cover all the numbers in order to ”shut the box” and win the game

4-way4-Way CountDown Game

Use your math skills to turn your roll into a number 1 through 10

spotitSpot It!

Award-winning game of visual perception for the whole family.

spotitnumbersshapesSpot It! Numbers and Shapes

There is always one and only one match between any two cards; Spot it to win!

suspendSuspend Family Game (31 pcs)

Exciting balance game for 1-4 players that will have everyone “hanging” on the edge of their seats

tantrix-discoveryTantrix Discovery Strategy Puzzle Family Game Pack

Here is a set of puzzles which call for lots of mathematical thinking if you are going to be any good at solving them.

tantrix-discovery-puzzlesTantrix Discovery Tile Matching Game AND brain teaser style puzzles

  • Strategy game for 2, 3 or 4 players.
  • Dozens of brain teaser style puzzles.

tantrix-gobbleTantrix Gobble Tile Puzzle Strategy Board Game

Streamlined tiles for fast-paced play and 24 challenging puzzles for the whole family.

tantrix-matchTantrix Match! Puzzle Board Game with Wooden Board

Fit the tantrix pieces onto the wooden board according to the pattern

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