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picking stones

Nim is said to have originated in China, but the origin remains uncertain and the current name of this game is a loan word from the German verb nimm (meaning “take!”). Nim-type games have existed for centuries around the world, and the first European references date from the 15th century.
Did you know that the first gaming computer ever was a machine designed in 1951 to play Nim called Nimrod? You can find a smaller replica of Nimrod at the Computer Game Museum in Berlin!

Nim is a two-player game played with any kind of objects.
You can even draw your own objects!
The objects are divided into piles.
The players alternate turns.
On your turn you remove any number of objects from only one pile.

There are two kind of games, winner or looser:
In the winner game the goal is to take the last stick. Whoever takes the last object wins.
In the loser game, the loser is the player who takes the last counter.

What kind of Nim game will you play?

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