Rush Hour

RushHourRush Hour by ThinkFun

A sliding block logic game where you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit.



Lunar Landing

by Thinkfun

Help! You’re on a mission to a distant moon, but you’ve become stranded outside your mothership. Use your logic skills and the aid of five loyal helper-bots to find a way back to the ship’s emergency entry port – or you’ll be stranded in space forever! Created by the inventors of Rush Hour, Lunar Landing is one of the greatest logic puzzles of all time.


There’s No Place Like Space!

Inspired by 5th grade studies about the Solar System this space station was designed as a journey from Earth to the Goldilocks planets!

  1. Planet Sizes
  2. Which is the biggest planet? Which is the smallest? Which planets are about the same size?

  3. Solar Eclipse
  4. What conditions need to happen to see a solar eclipse?

  5. Solar System Estimations
  6. If Earth’s diameter = 1, how big would Jupiter’s and Sun’s diameter be?
    The distances from Earth to Sun and from Saturn to Sun?

  7. Astronomical Units
  8. Can you place all planets at the right distance in AU from the Sun on the astronomical ruler?

  9. Astronomical Decimals
  10. How far is it from Earth to Mercury in AU?

  11. Solar System Model
  12. Find the SUN in Sunnyvale!

  13. The Outer Planets
  14. How often will the outer planets appear close to each other in the night sky as seen from Earth?

  15. Voyager in Space
  16. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the world’s farthest and longest-lived spacecraft, NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2.

  17. Message From Space
  18. Arecibo Message

  19. Binary Message
  20. Let’s decode a radio message!

  21. Goldilocks and The Three Planets
  22. If you could create a planet where you would be able to survive, what would be the important features of the planet?

  23. Kepler’s Latest Count on Goldilocks Planets
  24. About how many Earth-like planets might you expect to fnd in the entire Milky Way galaxy?

  25. Comparing Planets Orbiting other Stars
  26. Compare the planets discovered in orbit around 8 different stars all drawn to the same scale.


Math Day Trip!

New school year, new fest, new theme: Math Day Trip!


Family Games Night: Math Around the World!


Math Around the World Activities

The theme of the next fest is Math Around the World!
Here is the list of the activities, games, and puzzles selected:

Math Around the World Activities

  1. Magic Squares, Ancient China
  2. Sudoku Puzzles, USA
  3. Set Game, USA
  4. Matchstick Puzzles, Europe
  5. Mancala, Africa
  6. Nim, China
  7. Hex, Europe
  8. Sprouts, England
  9. Mastermind, Israel
  10. Tantrix, New Zealand
  11. Polyhedra, Ancient Greece
  12. Suspend Game, US
  13. Geometry Playground, Ancient Greece
  14. Tesselations, Ancient Rome
  15. Sam Lloyd Puzzles, USA
  16. Tangrams, China
  17. Dudeney Puzzles, UK
  18. Chessboard Puzzles, India
  19. River Crossing Puzzles, Medieval Europe
  20. Konigsberg Bridges & Networks, Europe & Africa

Stage Games

  1. Chinese Checkers, Germany
  2. Nine Men Morris, UK
  3. Pachisi, India
  4. Reversi, UK
  5. Robot Turtles Game
  6. Shut the Box, France
  7. Tower of Hanoi, France
  8. Wits & Wagers, US

Card & Dice Games

  1. What is your favorite card game? We have playing cards!
  2. Blink
  3. Qwitch
  4. 6 Nimmt!, Germany
  5. Spot It!, USA
  6. Liar’s Dice, South America

Mathematical Present Wrapping

Happy Mathematical Wrapping!