52 Master Pieces

52 Master Pieces



March: A History of π

A Brief History of π
circle-diagramLEARN ABOUT PI

The magic of Fibonacci numbers


The Joy of Math


Fest Feedback

If you attended the Math Fest from A-Z this year and found activities that you liked, or that can be improved, or if you have anything you would like to see in the future math fests please leave a comment below or add your feedback here. Thank you, your feedback is greatly appreciated!


This year we had a first-time young speaker, Samaira, a 2nd grade girl from Milikin School in Santa Clara who designed her own coding boardgame, the CoderBunnyz!

For more info you can check out the CoderBunnyz website or keep in touch on facebook. Samaira conducts workshops in Bay Area, here is the upcoming workshop info for those interested:

Thank you Samaira for your presentation that we hope inspired many Pandas!

Math A-Z 2016

Welcome to the Panda Math Fest 2016 edition!

This year theme is Math from A to Z.

Math Fest 2016