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Math Around the World Activities

The theme of the next fest is Math Around the World!
Here is the list of the activities, games, and puzzles selected:

Math Around the World Activities

  1. Magic Squares, Ancient China
  2. Sudoku Puzzles, USA
  3. Set Game, USA
  4. Matchstick Puzzles, Europe
  5. Mancala, Africa
  6. Nim, China
  7. Hex, Europe
  8. Sprouts, England
  9. Mastermind, Israel
  10. Tantrix, New Zealand
  11. Polyhedra, Ancient Greece
  12. Suspend Game, US
  13. Geometry Playground, Ancient Greece
  14. Tesselations, Ancient Rome
  15. Sam Lloyd Puzzles, USA
  16. Tangrams, China
  17. Dudeney Puzzles, UK
  18. Chessboard Puzzles, India
  19. River Crossing Puzzles, Medieval Europe
  20. Konigsberg Bridges & Networks, Europe & Africa

Stage Games

  1. Chinese Checkers, Germany
  2. Nine Men Morris, UK
  3. Pachisi, India
  4. Reversi, UK
  5. Robot Turtles Game
  6. Shut the Box, France
  7. Tower of Hanoi, France
  8. Wits & Wagers, US

Card & Dice Games

  1. What is your favorite card game? We have playing cards!
  2. Blink
  3. Qwitch
  4. 6 Nimmt!, Germany
  5. Spot It!, USA
  6. Liar’s Dice, South America

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